Beat The Heat, But Not With An Air Conditioner


Not everyone, in the present day scenario, can put up with the extremely high expense of using an air conditioner, henceforth; they are always keen on finding better and less costly alternatives. One such alternative is the evaporative air cooler, better than the ones that were used earlier, with the added advantage of portability. This cooler is a great thing to have at home as it is not only portable, but also saves us a lot of money, when compared to the spending done while using an air conditioner. Another name given to these coolers is “swamp coolers” as the older versions of this kind of coolers produced algae in the water and also an odor to give it a swampy feeling. Even though it is called as a swamp cooler, this newer version does not face the “swamp” problem.

How does an evaporative air cooler work?

The science behind the working of the portable evaporative air cooler is fairly basic. Air, when buzzes past water at a very high speed, it evaporates. This passing air draws out the heat mandatory for evaporation which in return cools down the air. It mind sound technical, but in reality, is basic science. Link here is another good cooling materials that can suit your needs.

How is the evaporative air cooler better/worse than the air conditioner?

Advantages over the air conditioner:

– The installation cost of the portable evaporative air cooler is almost absolutely nothing in comparison to the air conditioner, which has a pretty high installation cost.

– The power consumption is only subdued to the water pump and the fan hence the operating cost is minimal, unlike the air conditioner. Also, the coolant used is water which is absolutely inexpensive.

– The maintenance of an evaporative air cooler is very easily done as it has very few mechanical parts that are easily repairable by self, unlike air conditioners that require you to summon professionals for maintenance and repair!

Disadvantages over the air conditioner:

– Using the evaporative air cooler may lead to discomfort due to the increased level of humidity. It may lead to the decrease in the evaporation rate of the moisture in our skin.

– There is no way of dehumidifying the room, unlike such options being available in the air conditioner.

– Mosquitoes may breed in this water and that may cause a problem as mosquitos are the bearers to many diseases like Malaria and Dengue.

– People suffering from chronic air borne diseases may suffer if the cooler isn’t well maintained.

We therefore conclude that there are both pros and cons to the evaporative air cooler with a slight bend towards the positives. With all the information above, you now know if the air cooler is for you or not!