Important Safety Tips For Off-Road Bike Racing

If you have been following off-road bike racing (also known as motocross to most people out there) and have been thinking about starting to race with your own bike, chances are high that you are already well informed about a lot of things regarding the events and bikes themselves, including a lot of standard procedures you need to follow to ensure that your bike is in race-ready conditions. Nevertheless, you need to worry a lot about your own safety too, not to mention that of the other fellow riders.

As with all other types of motorsport, motocross racing is risky and you should know that there is always a possibility of getting injured (even severely) at times. This is the reason why riders are mandated to wear the necessary protective gear to ensure the best possible outcome even from the most violent accidents.

Following are the necessary safety gear that you mandated to wear at motocross events. It is advisable to always wear this protecting gear whenever you ride your bike at a dirt track, even if it is just a practice session:

Helmet – Your helmet is the main source of protection for your head and cranium, as well as your brain. It is imperative that all bike riders wear their helmets in the proper manner before getting onto their bikes. Always see whether the helmet can be fit tightly without ever being difficult to take off in case you need to do it. Also, make sure that any helmet you wear conforms to the proper standards mandated by the sanctioning body that hosts the motocross events you are participating in.

Clothing – Motocross pants and full body suits are also a mandatory item that racers need to wear when taking part in motocross events. These suits are durable and resistant to wear, while also providing the needed comfort to ride your bike without problems. You will need to purchase some kneepads and elbow pads to provide extra protection. On the other hand, hand gloves may or may not be included with the body suit itself.

Body Armour – Motocross body armour is the name given to all those parts that will provide protection to your chest and back area. They provide protection against small rocks that may accidentally hit your body, as well as helping spread the force of any accidental impact onto a large area, thereby minimising any injury you may suffer. You will want to practice riding with body armour from the beginning, as it can take a while to get used to riding while equipped with this extra gear.

Goggles – Goggles are used to shield your eyes and face from dust, debris and rocks thrown up by the racing bikes. The lenses should be made in such a way that they won’t shatter, while the likes of a tear off system will provide you with good visibility at all times.

Boots – Motocross boots are quite resistant, being made with durable steel toes and hard materials all around. Nevertheless, you may feel quite clunky when moving with them at first, thus putting you at a disadvantage on the track. Make sure to properly wear your boots before you go racing so as not to restrict your mobility too much.