The 3 Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

Every buyer wants to purchase furniture which is attractive, long lasting, elegant, easily maintained and fit in their budget. And every furniture material has its own characteristics, such as one is classy and the other one is stronger. To purchase the best material in your budget you have to know the characteristics of each material. Also, there are other things to consider when purchasing furniture, like you have to check whether or not it is light weight and easy to maintain. You can also opt for online shopping sites to get the best deals.

The 3 best materials for outdoor furnishing


Aluminum is sturdy, rust proof and is available in various color options. Available in a variety of designs, aluminium outdoor furniture can help you make your outdoor space look elegant and beautiful. Easy to maintain, light in weight and durability make it preferable for outdoor furnishing. You can easily clean it with soap water to keep it in new condition. To make it weatherproof give it a wax polish; it will remain cool in direct sunlight.


Wood is perhaps the most costly among all furnishing materials. It is available in casual to classy range depending on the wood type like teak, pine, cedar, eucalyptus, etc. Woods, like teak, jarrah and shorea, can last almost 50 years and redwood almost 25 years if properly maintained. Stylish and modern teak outdoor furniture is also high on demand in Australia due to its many benefits. It can be made weatherproof for better lifespan using oil, varnish, paint, sealant etc. Softwoods, like cedar and pine, are good choice for outdoor as they are natural rot and water resist. But untreated pine needs care like keeping it indoor during winter or use paint and sealant to keep it in good condition. It can give you ultimate comfort as it does not hold sun heat if kept in the outdoor.


Wicker is the most preferable furniture material for outdoor purpose. It is very simple and comfortable. This item is light in weight and long lasting. You can carry this furniture anywhere anytime due to its light weight. Wicker outdoor furniture is available in synthetic or natural material and mainly made from cane, rattan, bamboo etc. Synthetic furniture is light weight and cheap and it can resist direct sunlight, rain, snow etc. Natural material would need sealant, paint and varnish to make it weatherproof. It is a classy material to give your patio a fresh look. If properly maintained, it will last for long time.