Ways To Throw A Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is very special for the mom-to-be. It might be her first child or maybe not, however every pregnancy is interesting and equally scary. So, you need to make her feel happy and relaxed, by gathering all her close family and friends. Showers should be elegant and fun so here are some of the easy steps you could follow to throw the best surprise shower.

  • Guests and invitations
    List down her closest family and friends and approve it through the mom-to-be’s mother or sister. They would know who to invite and not. Invite them in advance and obtain a confirmation on attendance. Some guests who may not be able to attend will get unique gifts delivered so get all details and be prepared to receive them. Design invitations as per the selected theme, include all details and send them out in advance to avoid disappointments.
  • Decorations
    A theme is essential for the shower as it makes it fun and interesting. Some of the most common themes are; a fairytale, cartoon character, butterflies, baby animals or flowers. Base all your decorations, food and invitations on the selected theme. Visit your nearest party store in which you could find various items needed for showers that won’t cost much either. If you know the sex of the child, stick to pink or blue. Some other easy decorations that you could do are streamers, helium balloons, fairy lights etc. Add a special centerpiece to the event. You could get a basket, tie a ribbon bow and place a few wooden baby toys Sydney, stuffed animals and helium balloons. Gift this to the mother during the event.
  • Food
    The food depends on the number of people, time of the event and the type of people invited. If it’s around 3pm, you could have a few finger foods and fruit punch. However if it is around 7pm, you’ll need to provide dinner. A cake is vital, basing it on the selected theme. You could either get it done or do it yourself. Keep in mind the type of people who participate and cater to their needs.
  • Games
    Showers are all about keeping the mother happy and hence you could play simple games such as ‘unscramble the baby words’, ‘match the kid to the celebrity’ etc. You could even think of names for the child. Take some time at the end to unwrap the gifts. Do not forget to hand the guests a goodie bag to take home, with cookies, kisses etc.